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Bro mittens

Joel is a butterfly.

Alexa of shame

Joel has a Cadbury's Creme Egg.

Din we cae

Joel is invested.

Dante’s Peak

Joel has a problem.

Ethnically incorrect

Joel is not in the market for a canal boat.


Joel is posh.

A dormant love

Joel is terrified.


Joel is Mr. Pad Left.

Disney pain cave

Joel is cupping.

Hello, Gerard Butler

Joel has watched a lot of "Homes Under the Hammer".

Torque show

Joel keeps going there.

Fill in the blanks

Joel has a new hobby.

It’ll grow back

Joel prefers to keep it short.

A fifteen-foot vagina

Joel will not repeat himself.

The full peanut

Joel likes a good show tune.

Dog nipples

Joel has never seen an episode of Seinfeld.

A big hot kiwi

Joel is nursing his meat.

The full baked bean

Joel thinks Harrison Ford is Australian.

Mi casa, su casa

Joel enjoys a good Poirot.

Nothing of tangible value

Joel doesn't want to know.

Sexy good times

Joel is built for speed.

The half-x developer

Joel has a rash.

Nine weeks of the clap

Joel has a show fern.

I know words

Joel is becoming a hipster.

A conscientious graffiti artist

Joel is fostering a combover.

Mildly inconveniencing Nazis

Joel has never seen The Godfather.

Chekhov’s Sprite

Joel has a tiny violin.

Little puddles of misery

Joel dislikes the Federated States of Micronesia.

A very hairy potato

Joel's neighbours are getting a divorce.

Peer pressure

Pomodoros with admin.