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Dog sausage

Joel can't talk about that.


Joel is doing it live.

Sound chimney

Joel is traumatised.

Cheese hubris

Joel is noodling.

Korean Jodie Foster

Joel is sitting on it wrong.

The racist Bond

Joel's quest is at an end.


Joel has covid nose.

Hot tip

Joel is doing it live.

Neither of us wants to be here

Joel is touched.

Bradley Pitts

Joel is cleansing.

The hairy twin

Joel is looking things up on the internet.

Not appropriate

Joel knows H from Steps.


Joel has ideas.

A stealthy tourist

Joel's grandmother is trolling him.

Richard Downey Jr.

Joel loves whiskey Vimto.


Joel is dabbling.

Freak of the week

Joel wants Stephen to commit.

Bro mittens

Joel is a butterfly.

Alexa of shame

Joel has a Cadbury's Creme Egg.

Din we cae

Joel is invested.

Dante’s Peak

Joel has a problem.

Ethnically incorrect

Joel is not in the market for a canal boat.


Joel is posh.

A dormant love

Joel is terrified.


Joel is Mr. Pad Left.

Disney pain cave

Joel is cupping.

Hello, Gerard Butler

Joel has watched a lot of "Homes Under the Hammer".

Torque show

Joel keeps going there.

Fill in the blanks

Joel has a new hobby.

It’ll grow back

Joel prefers to keep it short.